Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update 8/22

I haven’t given up on the blog. I am just a little overwhelmed. Law school + fiancé + work + dissertation = my ass kicked every day. Nevertheless, I am having a great time. Hopefully tomorrow, I will be on a strict schedule. The schedule will get stricter in the next two weeks. I am excited about the getting used to my schedule. I really believe it is healthy to be extremely busy. Closers need many tasks. And I will be running on many cylinders.

Some Updates

I am contemplating grabbing a netbook over a regular PC or a Macbook Pro. The fact that I would be keeping so much money in my pocket and, plus, I will even more mobile with a netbook makes it hard to resist.

I am replacing my Droid Eris with a Blackberry.

All my credit card debt is paid off.

My dissertation topic is set: Just War Theory: I am going be specifically arguing for the individual rights over state rights. On my theory I hope to show that, against almost all just war theorists, there can be just conquest and just intervention.

Starting tomorrow I am giving up soda/pop. Sorry Pepsi and Sprite, I am out of the soda addiction.

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