Monday, August 23, 2010

A New Age of Blogging (for me anyway)

My new phone came in the mail yesterday. I also went out and bought a Macbook Pro today. I know many people have a negative view about Macs. Yes, it is extremely over priced. Nevertheless, it is eye candy; thus, very pleasing to my eye. Last night I used it in class. At least I planned on using it, but I ended up taking most of my notes on a legal pad.

As for class, in Contracts the professor came right in and called on me. I wasn't very nervous, but it wasn't because I prepared. Although, I did prepare somewhat. The reasoon _I was not nervous has to do witg the fact that it all happened to fast. He basically came into class and pulled out a revolver and shot me...who knows how I did? Who cares? It is not apart of the grade. I suspect the only reason for this style of teaching is to force people to read. Trust me, I know exactly how undergraduates treat school. Very few people read. When I was an undergrad, I knew people who didn't read a page. And as a college instructor, I know less than 50 percent of my students read. The socratic method is the way to get people to study.

Before I leave the blog I ought give an explanation for the title. Today I am writing and posting from my Blackberry. Of course, many people post from their phones. I am new to the party. - really have no reason not to post something every day.

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